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Hard Reset NOKIA Lumia 820

First Method - By Hardware Keys
At the very beginning turn off the phone by using the Power button.
In the next step hold down the Power key until the device vibrates.
Then press and hold the Volume Down button until you see the exclamation point on your screen.
Now, you can release all keys.
Press the following sequence of buttons: Volume Up - > Volume Down-> Power - > Volume Down.
Success! The hard rest has just been performed.

Second method: By Mobile Settings
Make sure that your phone is switched on.
From Main Menu find and select Windows Phone Settings.
After that tap About.
To confirm the whole operation tap Reset your phone.
Well done!

APPLE iPad WiFi Hard Reset

Hard Reset / Factory Restore / Master Reset APPLE iPad WiFi to Remove Pattern Lock and Get Original Setting. APPLE iPad WiFi Hang on Logo Solution by Hard Reset.

APPLE iPad WiFi Hard Reset Can be Done in Following Steps:
  • If the display is off, press the Power button to turn it back on.
  • Afterwards from the Main Screen find and select Settings.
  • Select General and tap Reset.
  • After that, navigate to option "Erase All Content and Settings" and choose it.
  • Confirm the hard reset operation by tapping Erase.
  • If it's necessary enter your security password .
  • Now your device should restart.
  • Yahoo! You have done!

Hard Reset MICROMAX A106 Unite 2

Hard Reset / Factory Restore / Master Reset MICROMAX A106 Unite 2 to Remove Pattern Lock and Get Original Setting. MICROMAX A106 Unite 2 Hang on Logo Solution by Hard Reset.

MICROMAX A106 Unite 2 Hard Reset Can be Done in Following Steps:

Soft Reset Method:
Make sure, that your phone is on.
Then goto Home screen, and press the Menu button.
Select Privacy -> Factory data reset -> Reset -> Erase everything.
Now restart your device.

Hard Reset By Hardware Keys:

Turn off your device.
Next hold and press Volume Up + Power button until you see Recovery mode.
From the menu choose option "wipe data/factory reset" using Volume buttons to scroll, andPower button or Home key to confirm.
After that select "Yes -- delete all user data", and confirm that.
Now accept option "reboot system now".

Hard Reset Lava Iris 356 To Remove Pattern Lock

Remove Pattern Lock On Lava Iris 356 By Key Combination.Hard Reset Lava Iris 356 To Factory Default Settings.

Hard Reset Lava Iris 356:

  1. Press and hold Volume Up and power keys together

  2. Release power key only when mobile vibrate

  3. Select wipe data/Factory Reset to factory defaut settings

  4. Select With Volume Down Key

  5. Now Select Delete All Data With Up Volume Key
Note: Before do that take backup of your important data, phonebook, messages, images, and take out sim card and SD Card.Because after hard reset it is not possible to recover all data so it is important to take backup of all your data.


LGTOOL v2.26 update released on 06-12-2013

New for LGTOOL direct services for LGTOOL v2.26 :

LG E610, E610GO, E610V, E612, E612F, E612G, E617G

  • Repair Bluetooth

  • Direct Unlock

  • Repair IMEI


  • Repair Phone number(MDN)

  • Read/Write SID/NID

  • Read/Write MEID

  • Read/Write AKEY

  • Read/Write OTKSL

  • Read/Write Mcc/Mnc

  • Read/Write MIN1 MIN2

  • Read/Write BlueTooth address

  • Read SSD_A, SSD_B

  • Read/Write PRL

  • Read/Write SPC
LG LS720

  • Read/Write SID/NID

  • Read SSD_A, SSD_B

  • Read/Write MEID

  • Read/Write Mcc/Mnc

  • Read/Write MIN1 MIN2

  • Repair Phone number(MDN)

  • Read/Write PRL

  • Read/Write SPC

  • Read/Write AKEY

  • Read/Write OTKSL

  • Factory reset

LG US780

  • Factory reset

  • Read SSD_A, SSD_B

  • Read/Write MEID

  • Read/Write SPC

  • Read/Write AKEY

  • Read/Write OTKSL
More features

  • Other changes in LGtool, SGtool and remote services:

  • Motorola IMEI calc algo improved

  • HTC IMEI calc algo improved

  • LG IMEI calc algo improved
Download Link:
LGTOOL v2.26 Setup Download

LGTOOL v2.26

Z3X Box Easy-Jtag v1.0.87.0

Added support in Z3X Box Easy-Jtag v1.0.87.0 read, write and OneClick Repair support for=
  • Samsung SGH-T959

  • Samsung GT-P3100

  • LG E610

  • Nokia LUMIA 925
support CPU OMAP4430
Download Link:
Z3X Box Easy-Jtag v1.0.87.0 Setup Download

ATF v10.50 Tool Box Updates

New features and support in  ATF v10.50 update

ATF v10.50- Infineon XG110

  • Nokia 105 / 106
    Flash SPI Chip custom reading support

  • Nokia 105 / 106
    PM 120 Hash Decrypt

  • Nokia 105 / 106
    Reading  Flash File Directly From Phone

  • Nokia 105 / 106
    PMM Recovery via Flash Mode (Read PM via Flash Mode)

Now you can read MCU, PPM, CNT Files Directly from 105 and 106 Phonesvia Regular FBUS Cables. For Phones with Software Problems such as HANG and REBOOTING, you just need to Flash the same MCU Version to the phone and you do not need to flash PPM and CNT.

ATF v10.50 General Updates

  • Complete Product Listing in Nokia.ini as of December 05, 2013)

  • Complete WP7/WP8 Variant Listing as of December 05, 2013

Download Link:
ATF v10.50 Setup Download

Infinity Box Nokia v1.76 Released Updates

USB flashing improved in Infinity Box Nokia v1.76

  • MTK CPU based models flashing improved

  • FileChecking for MTKx, WP8x, XG improved
Service operations improved in Infinity Box Nokia v1.76

  • MTKx: "SelfTest" operation released

  • MTKx: Security backup operation improved
User Data operations improved in Infinity Box Nokia v1.76

  • WP7x: Standalone SMS extraction from USER Area (or Dump) released

  • WP7x: "Documents" extraction improved

  • WP7x: Remote SMS extraction (If direct fail due to SMS storage damage or FS fault) released 
Navi Manager updated
  • Stability improvements

  • Navi Database updated

  • Added all latest Asha , WP8x , MTKx firmwares

  • Added Nokia WP8x firmwares for : Lumia 1520 (Bandit)

  • Added Nokia XG223 firmwares for : Asha 502 DS

  • Added Nokia XG618 firmwares for : Asha 503 SS , Asha 503 DS
  • Update support for latest XG223 products (Unpack)

  • Update support for latest XG618 products (Unpack/Repack) 
Other updates in Infinity Box Nokia v1.76

  • Fixed Manual FileSelect for old models

  • Stuff Files updated

  • New MTKx drivers uploaded on support area

  • Ini updated and revised

  • Some BugFixes at all
Download Link:

Infinity Box Nokia v1.76 Setuo Download

Chimera Tool v1.32.1454

    Following New Features Are Addedm
  • Blackberry Fix App error 507 functions to repair failed software updates. (this function uploads a known good SFI and APP image to the phone)

  • Nokia Lumia 510 IMEI Repair / Unlock supported after TestPoint

Z3X Box Easy JTAG v1.0.91.0 Update Version

Z3X Box Easy JTAG v1.0.91.0 Via JTAG connection:

  • Samsung GT-S7562 (One click EFS repair ) - via JTAG

  • Samsung GT-S5570 (One click EFS repair ) - via JTAG

  • Samsung GT-S5570i (One click EFS repair ) - via JTAG

  • SAMSUNG GT-I9505G (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)

  • NOKIA LUMIA 820 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)

  • Huawei U8655 (Read/Write,OneClickRepair)
Download Link:
Z3X Box Easy JTAG v1.0.91.0  Setup Download
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